Why Choose A Roller Garage Door?

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    Why Choose A Roller Garage Door

    Why Choose A Roller Garage Door? Garage doors come in many types to best suit any garage.

    There are many factors to consider when choosing an overhead door, which includes the location and the design of the building.

    One option to choose among the many types is the roller overhead door.

    This type is also called roll-up doors, where the operation is already implicated in its name.

    It functions through a mechanism that moves the panels vertically into a roll.

    Assessing the location and structure, this type is ideal for residential, commercial, and office buildings, where the space is limited.

    Regarding its protective abilities, it can guarantee owners that roller doors can cover storefronts entirely with locks designed to be challenging for burglars to open.

    Moreover, as said, it is difficult to open by thieves because of the apparent noise it produces when opening.

    Why choose a roller overhead door? Get to know more about roll-up doors in this article.

    Two Main Types of Roller Garage Doors

    Roller overhead doors come in different shapes, sizes, and aesthetics.

    It is also flexible because it can be made from many types of material.

    Of course, before choosing, it is essential first to determine the different factors and their function and role.

    Here are two types:

    Sectional Roller Garage Doors

    The sectional roll-up door type usually has four to five large panels that are fixed horizontally.

    It operates by rolling it up completely until it reaches the ceiling.

    It can be made of steel, aluminum, wood, or fiberglass.

    Rolling Steel Garage Doors

    On the other hand, rolling steel doors have only one rigid panel.

    Like a section roller, it operates by rolling it up to the ceiling — remaining utterly open with a larger entrance room.

    The usual materials used are also the same as the first type: aluminum, steel, fiberglass, except wood.

    Interestingly, these panels are often insulated.

    However, compared to the sectional type, it is less durable and not robust enough.

    Benefits of Roller Garage Doors

    There are many reasons why owners should choose a roller overhead door.

    This type is immensely useful and undoubtedly advantageous for both business owners and homeowners.

    Here are some benefits of this door type:


    This type is designed and manufactured for easy lifting and lowering, making it perfect for commercial establishments.

    Also, the installation is much easier than other overhead doors.

    It comes with multiple features like a radial ball bearing, ratchet tensioning, doorstops, head axles, door springs, and torque tube assemblies.

    It also has steel magnetic stainless latches.


    Roll-up doors are adaptable to any climate.

    It can withstand disasters like storms, hurricanes, and powerful winds.

    In fact, this type has a long lifespan, along with proper care and maintenance.

    Easy Maintenance

    Unlike other overhead doors, owners will not spend a lot of time maintaining it as it does not demand regular check-ups and inspections.

    Thus, roller doors are easier to take care of.

    It only needs to be washed with water or a power wash tool regularly.


    Since roller doors are adaptable and durable, it can pull through any designs and colors.

    It is also easy to paint and cover, which is a necessary factor to consider, especially for establishments that want to compliment a building’s overall theme.

    Security and Safety

    There is no need to worry about security, for this type guarantees it.

    As mentioned, business owners commonly prefer this type for their establishments as this type of door can double the safety precautions.

    It offers protection against thieves, reducing any risks and attempts of break-ins.

    As for homeowners, peace of mind is assured since the protection it provides is promising, covering both the garage and the house.

    Moreover, it is less risky than other overhead doors as dangerous tendencies are not commonly observed with this type.

    Contact an Garage Door Company

    For plans of installing roller overhead doors, there are services available in Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont.

    Some companies also offer overhead door repairs in case there are identified issues with the roller overhead door.

    Other services include maintenance, regular check-ups and inspections, installation of different types, and many more.

    Make sure to contact an overhead door specialist as soon as possible to address any concerns.

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