Basic DIY Garage Door Repairs

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    Basic DIY Garage Door Repairs

    Life is easy with a trusty overhead door.

    Its seamless movements prove to be convenient, especially for the busiest people.

    However, it’s best not to be too dependent on the door’s efficiency.

    All homeowners must know a DIY trick or two up in their sleeves in case of any emergencies.

    While preventive maintenance can decrease the likeliness of the door from breaking down, there are times in which such instances can catch anyone off guard.

    Instead of just waiting for the annual maintenance with one’s door specialist to roll around, it pays when one knows basic repairs and maintenance tricks themselves.

    Listed below are some of the most common overhead door problems and tips on how one should repair the issues.

    Unusual Noises When Opening or Closing

    A clear indication of faulty or malfunctioning rollers and/or tracks of garage doors is when homeowners start hearing any loud, unusual noises when they operate it.

    Even so, these types of problems don’t necessarily mean the door has to be checked out by a specialist.

    In fact, owners can inspect the doors themselves.

    Taking a step ladder and a gas duster, one should make sure to clear up any debris spotted and to take note if the springs need to be replaced.

    Usually, the issue can be easily resolved by directly lubricating the part that produces the noise.

    If one thinks there are serious issues to be dealt with, then that would be the time to call a technician.

    Not Closing All the Way

    If one’s door is not closing all the way, then chances are that the culprit for this bothersome problem is the photo-eye sensor.

    Situated at either side of the door, these sensors make sure that the door does not close on any object on its closing path.

    If the photo-eye is misaligned or blocked, then the door will halt its closing movements and begin to open again.

    To fix the issue, adjust the pivot brackets so the sensors stay in parallel.

    In addition to that, check to see if anything is obstructing the sensors’ infrared beams and clean off the lenses to make sure they continue working efficiently.

    Unresponsive Door

    Garage doors can be operated with either a remote, a wall controller, or even through a keyless entry.

    Nevertheless, if homeowners find the door to be unresponsive when they want it to open, then the issue could also lie within its photo-eye sensors.

    The first step of action to take is to check if the sensors are producing its light.

    If there is none, try turning it on and off and check if this fixes it.

    If it continues to be unresponsive, head over to the electrical outlet and double-check if the sensors are plugged in.

    Test the outlet itself too by plugging in a different device to see it if it has any power supply.

    Uneven Movements

    It pays to be an observant homeowner.

    Is the overhead door making uneven movements, almost kind of a shimmy?

    If yes, then there must be something lodged between the door’s tracks. Take a close look at the tracks and clean any debris found.

    Additionally, check if the rollers are in their proper places.

    If everything seems to be clean and in place, then the issue might be with the opener.

    Moving on its Own

    It can be a little startling but it’s actually possible for the doors to start closing and opening on its own.

    The unintentional activation of an overhead door can mean that somewhere around the house, the button of one of the door’s openers is stuck.

    Alternatively, it could also mean that one might have the same door frequency as their neighbor’s.

    If none of these seem to be the case, then homeowners should inspect their opener’s limit settings or check to see if there’s anything wrong with the control wirings of the door.

    Contact the Local Garage Door Repairman

    While it’s good to be knowledgeable about repairing one’s door, it should be remembered to leave the serious door issues to the professionals.

    Doing this will not just be the safer choice but it will also be the most cost-efficient one in the long run.

    For residents living in Beaumont, St. Albert, and Edmonton with any overhead door concerns, a quick call to the local garage door specialists will help fix any issues in a jiffy.

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