Broken Garage Door: Should You Fix Or Replace?

Broken Garage Door

Dealing with broken overhead door issues is a crucial matter that needs the assistance of garage door specialists.

To know if what it seeks is a repair or replacement, be observant, and read further.

This post will provide information on when to do such actions.

The Garage Door Needs Fixing

If these indicators are experienced, do not hesitate to contact garage door services to repair the garage door.

It has suddenly stopped working.

The sudden breakdown of the overhead door is a typical problem that can be fixed easily.

Please do not be too alarmed because, in most cases, it only needs fixing.

Before calling for a specialist, homeowners can check the batteries in the remotes first to ensure that it is not the problem.

Batteries are often the reason for this that immediately causes panic.

If the batteries are drained already, replace it; then, check again if it works.

However, if not, let the skilled personnel diagnose the problem and provide a solution.

It feels too heavy

Garage doors are naturally heavy.

Due to its weight, the springs that assist the lifting mechanism will find it challenging to lift.

This daily usage will wear it down, which would result in weight increase.

This issue is also typical; thus, homeowners do not have to worry too much.

The fixing is affordable and quick. It would only require the replacement of both springs.

It has a damaged panel

This problem commonly happens when the overhead door is dented, whether by the car or a natural disaster, or any other external factors.

If the panel is dented, fixing it as soon as possible is highly suggested to keep the repair cost-effective.

In contrast, ignoring it will cause further problems to spread, which would require more money to spend on repairs.

Worse, it would lead to replacing the whole door if the damage is too widespread for repairs.

It is leaning

If one side of the overhead door appears to be lower than the other, it is apparent that it is imbalanced.

This misalignment signifies that the door puts more burden on the lifting mechanism, interrupting its operation and speeding up its wearing and tearing.

Since it is evident that all parts are correlated together, balance is indeed an essential factor.

If one side is sagging, the springs on that side may have worn down while the other has not yet.

To solve this dilemma, let a specialist replace the springs and restore the door’s balance.

The Garage Door Needs Replacement

On the other hand, these are the indicators that the overhead door is beyond fixing; therefore, it demands a replacement.

It signifies that the door has already reached its limits that mere lubrication and fixing cannot solve it.

These issues are often the result of a neglected issue bound for repair.

It has not been working for a while

If a sudden malfunction opts for a repair, it is not the case when it has not worked for a long time.

Homeowners must be observant of their doors because even small damage may lead to the worst-case scenario if neglected.

Eventually, it becomes severe enough that demands a replacement rather than a repair.

Thus, as much as possible, keep the door lubricated and do a regular inspection.

It has aged

This issue is inevitable.

If the garage door has been serving for the utmost ten years already, it would be best to replace it.

Even with maintenance and regular lubrication, it will still come to an end.

It is significantly damaged

Extreme external factors like natural calamities can severely damage the overhead door.

In most cases, replacement is the only option for this issue.

It is also best and less expensive than constant repair.

It does not have child safety sensors

Homeowners should consider upgrades to lengthen the life expectancy of their garage doors.

Child safety sensors are innovations made to detect something or someone under the door.

It would not only prevent injuries and other unlikely circumstances, but it would also protect it from having contact with any triggering factors.

Ask for assistance

If any of these problems occur, ask assistance from guaranteed garage door specialists in Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Glastonbury or Leduc.

They offer garage door repairs, maintenance, replacement, and many more.

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