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    Can't Open Your Garage Door

    Can’t Open Your Garage Door – Garage doors are built for efficiency, working every day to keep everyone’s lives moving.

    However, experiencing issues now and then can be inevitable, and it can be very frustrating to deal with.

    One of the most common problems with overhead doors is when they fail to open.

    This issue can result from many things, and while it’s best to leave the jobs to the specialists, it’s not a bad idea to troubleshoot the problems first before taking it to the experts.

    To help homeowners identify their door issues, listed below are possible reasons why their overhead doors won’t open.

    Problems with the Remote

    It may be a little obvious, but sometimes homeowners can overlook the fact that the reason why their doors aren’t opening is that their remote has dead batteries.

    Fortunately, this can be quickly fixed by replacing the old batteries with fresh ones to keep it powered.

    Also, don’t forget to check the alignment of the battery’s ends, too— one might mistake the issue for a more severe problem if the ends are misaligned.

    Alternatively, if the batteries have power and the door still refuses to open, there might be something blocking the signal.

    For starters, one should always make sure to be in range when pressing the button.

    Moreover, keep an eye out for any obstructions that might be in the signal’s way and point the remote directly at the door’s sensors.

    Manually Locked Door

    Older door models come with a manual lock for extra security purposes.

    If the opener seems to be working for a few seconds but shuts off suddenly, then someone must have manually locked the door.

    The manual lock is a button that can be accidentally hit when one is close to the door.

    This problem is only caused by human error, so there is no need to panic and call a technician.

    To unlock the door, turn the handle in the middle of the door until a click can be heard.

    Doing this will move the bars away from the door’s edges and secure the handles in an open position.

    Broken Springs

    Contrary to popular belief, when it comes to the garage door’s opening and closing movements, it’s the springs that do all the heavy-lifting and not the door opener.

    Over time, the springs’ constant movements will cause it to wear and break and will make the door too heavy to be raised.

    If homeowners hear a loud bang coming from the garage and find that the door can no longer be raised, then that means the torsion springs have snapped.

    One should never attempt to replace them and, instead, leave the springs’ installation to a garage door specialist, as torsion springs can cause severe injury to anyone near the door if it accidentally snaps off during the installation process.

    Door Tracks Issues

    The door always has to be on its tracks — otherwise, the opener can’t lift it.

    Sometimes, the door rollers can slip out if something strikes the track and bends it outwards.

    If this happens, homeowners should disconnect the opener and raise the door manually to bring the rollers back to the tracks.

    Another issue that interferes with the doors from opening is misaligned door tracks.

    The metal tracks are what keeps the system moving in line, and if owners start to see any gaps or bent areas between the rollers and the rail, then the overhead door might have opening issues.

    If the damage is still minimal, one can try to remedy the situation by hammering the tracks with a rubber hammer until it straightens back into place.

    However, if the door won’t budge at all, a professional should be called as soon as possible.

    They will have the right tools to repair the overhead door safely.


    The overhead door in one of the most essential parts of one’s home.

    The convenience, security, and aesthetic appeal it can bring are just among the many reasons it has to be maintained as much as possible.

    If homeowners residing in Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain find themselves in need of a specialist to help them repair any issues with their overhead door, a quick internet search will provide them information on the local garage door technicians nearby.

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