Changing Old Electric Garage Door Opener

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    Changing Old Electric Garage Door Opener

    Garage doors have evolved through time, bringing convenience to households everywhere.

    With just a press of a button, modern garage doors can function by themselves.

    The electric overhead door opener is a contemporary innovation in which its operation is done using electricity.

    While it is observed that its service is long-lasting and often gets interrupted only by a power outage, homeowners must know when to finally change old electric overhead doors.

    It would not only provide convenience but promotes safety and presents aesthetics, as well.

    Ensure the safety of the family members by replacing the old door opener since it is already prone to dangerous tendencies in the present time.

    In this post, the reasons will be elaborated to further understand its importance.

    Here are four reasons why homeowners should consider replacing their outdated overhead door openers in order to fix the many issues underlying this.

    1. Safety and Security

    Aside from the main door, another entrance into the house is the garage.

    This is most applicable to homeowners who have their garages attached to their homes.

    Once the car is parked in the garage, it is apparent to enter the house using the door connecting both areas.

    Moreover, a garage contains important tools and other costly objects.

    It is where projects are mostly done, especially DIY ones.

    Besides parking, these purposes prove that the garage portrays a significant role in the house.

    With this mentioned, the garage door opener tends to get used most of the time.

    Therefore, having an old one would risk the overall safety of the family including their hobbies, projects, and the state of the objects inside.

    The garage operates together, its parts interrelated with each other.

    Due to frequent usage, these parts will loosen and wear out.

    Even with proper maintenance and regular lubrication, it has its limits.

    Thus, old garage door openers are risky.

    Unlikely circumstances are possible that would put everything in danger.

    The most detrimental possibility is, if it falls down, it harms anyone below it.

    Furthermore, increase the home’s security by replacing the garage door opener.

    An old one is already vulnerable, making it easier for intruders to open.

    To increase the safety of the users, an innovative product called “photo-eye” is reinforced.

    It has two units placed between four to six inches in the ground.

    A feature to make it recognizable is a light beam that would alarm owners whenever something is obstructing its way or if these photo-eyes are at risk, making the door lift up or remain steady automatically.

    In addition, another upgrade is the rolling codes.

    This security system generates another code for the next use.

    With this, there is no way for thieves to open the door.

    To have these excellent alarms, consider changing it now.

    2. Battery Backup

    As made evident by its name, an electric overhead door opener needs electricity to function.

    Thus, if there is a power outage, accessing the garage door is not bound to happen.

    Some garage door openers do not have a battery backup to aid this dilemma.

    Without this, homeowners would wait until the electricity gets back to use it.

    Recent upgrades have this feature that would make it accessible anytime regardless of the presence or absence of electricity.

    Replacing the garage door would enable homeowners to enjoy this feature.

    3. Avoiding Unusual Noises

    No one wants to hear annoying unusual noises.

    When using an old garage door opener, there are high tendencies to experience this.

    It is indeed bothersome which is why homeowners should consider changing it already.

    New garage door openers guarantee this benefit.

    It reduces the noise since there are rubber belts reinforced to metal fibers to be utilized.

    Nylon fibers are also available to make it quieter.

    4. Connectivity

    More advanced garage door openers are now connected to Wi-Fi.

    It is apparent that the internet has made the lives of everyone easier.

    This feature allows the door to be accessed using smartphones or tablets, anytime and anywhere.

    Also, tracking garage door activities is probable. It is very portable and easy to use.

    Do the change now!

    For plans of changing the old electric overhead door opener, there are services available in Edmonton, Beaumont, St. Albert, and Leduc.

    These specialists also offer garage door repair, maintenance, and upgrades.

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