Childproofing An Garage Door

Childproofing An Garage Door

Garage doors may seem harmless most of the time because of its automated features, telling people that there is little to no possibility of them ever falling on us humans.

This is why most homeowners do not pay any mind to their doors.

For children, most especially, they couldn’t care less about where they play and run around

Moreover, they are naturally curious about the things around them, allowing them to have the urge to touch everything around them to either examine or satisfy their curiosity.

Because of this, playing around with the overhead door opener is not uncommon in most households, particularly ones that are filled with children.

The technological advancements of overhead doors have enabled security and convenience for homes throughout the years.

However, unforeseen accidents may happen, especially with automatic and more developed overhead doors.

According to the data published by the US Product Safety Commission and Underwriters Laboratories, there have been at least 85 children that have been met with severe injuries and/or death since 1974.

These are all due to the unfortunate accidents these young ones encountered with automatic overhead door openers.

Nowadays, garage doors have been manufactured to be a lot safer for the household.

However, it would definitely not hurt anyone to take extra precautions in order to avoid complications in their households in the future.

Stated in this article are some tips and reminders that homeowners should always take into account in order to guarantee their kids’ safety.

Regularly inspect the overhead doors’ functionality

Regularly inspecting one’s overhead doors and its safety features can do so much for the whole household.

Some people are unsure of what to look for in terms of faulty components of overhead doors.

Below are some red flags one should be aware of:

  • Some noises are coming from the overhead door.
  • There are times when the overhead door opens and closes at random times.
  • There are visible misaligned tracks.
  • The overhead door does not completely close all the way.
  • It functions at a slower pace than usual.
  • The door shakes as it is being opened.
  • The automatic door openers are not very responsive.

After checking the garage door’s performance, immediately call the local overhead door repair company for further help.

Performing DIY repairs on overhead doors might lead to more risks and harm.

Homeowners should also always remember that only licensed technicians and specialists are to maintain and fix these kinds of doors.

With the new technology today, most overhead doors include safety features and mechanisms.

It is essential to be aware of these attributes and frequently check them to have a peaceful and safe environment for a person’s household members.

Seek assistance and regularly maintain the overhead doors

Do not view overhead door repairs as a nuisance.

Always contact the overhead door repair company and check on even the smallest signs that may entail how overhead doors may be malfunctioning.

Book appointments and inspections so that not a single child hazard will be missed.

It is best to allow experienced professionals to handle issues regarding one’s overhead doors at home so that safety and protection are ensured over the whole household.

Thus, grab the phone book now to acquire services for overhead and garage doors that are offered in areas like Edmonton, St. Albert, Spruce grove, Fort Saskatchewan, or Beaumont.

With a professional overhead door technician checking on a homeowner’s overhead doors, people will now know whether they should book garage door appointments now or even ask services to install a new one.

Be alert when it comes to the safety of children

For extra safety measures, make sure to inform the whole household to be careful when playing in the garage.

Making kids aware of the situation and explaining how the garage door opener should not be treated as a toy might also help keep them safe.

Being a role model for the young ones is a great way to avoid these complications.

When kids see their parent/s and guardians exhibit appropriate behavior (e.g., keeping away from the overhead doors when being used), it sends a message to them that being around these doors is unsafe.

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