Dented Garage Door? Here is How to Fix It.

Dented Garage Door

Steel and aluminum garage doors are becoming the standard type used in most homes nowadays.

Their durability and low maintenance prove them to be something worth investing on for households.

However, despite their many positive features and aspects, they do have one flaw: they can dent easily.

May the dent be small in size or visible enough to see from a far-off distance, suggesting that it’s big, these all make the overhead doors lopsided and unattractive to look at.

Dented overhead doors may cause some unfortunate mishaps and can eventually lead to the deterioration of them.

Before proceeding to contact a repair technician, what one can do is examine the damage closely.

Homeowners may be able to fix the problem on their own without any assistance from a professional.

This is only if the door is made of certain materials and the damage is not too major.

Inspect and check on the tools and materials used to repair the dent on the overhead doors to see if they are in optimal condition to utilize when making the fix.

If the dent is of manageable size, there is a way to fix it even with minimal time and cost.

Why is it Important to Fix Dented Garage Doors?

It may greatly affect the aesthetics of the whole house.

Moreover, it can also cause the value or worth of the household to weaken.

When an overhead door is damaged, the visual appeal of the place suffers.

This may not seem like a big issue but, if homeowners are planning to attract customers and potential buyers of houses they want to put up for sale, it could turn into a problem.

Dented overhead doors may also prove that  their other factors have been neglected because of low maintenance.

Cleaning them and its track system regularly is highly recommended.

Things such as debris, grime, and dirt can be reasons why overhead doors become stuck and fail to operate correctly and properly.

How to Fix It?

When repairing a set of overhead doors, one can do so with the tools and materials mentioned below.

  1. a medium-sized bucket
  2. dish soap (any brand)heavy-duty aluminum foil
  3. a large sponge (can be similar to what’s used in cleaning a car)
  4. hose
  5. dish soap (any brand)
  6. lighter
  7. a gas duster (like the ones used in cleaning keyboards)

These items will prove themselves useful to people who can manage to repair their doors (should the dents be not too deep or banged up).

Step-by-step Guide on How to Fix Garage Door Dents:

1. Put warm water into the bucket using the hose.

Then, put in some dish soap.

Make sure to allow the water with dish soap to get bubbly.

After that, with the sponge soaked in the soapy water, wash the area that’s dented thoroughly.

This should remove the dirt and grime.

The surface needs to be clean and rid of any excess liquid to be able to proceed to the succeeding steps.

2. Cut out enough foil to cover the dented area, adding extra allowance that extends past the dent on both sides.

Be sure that there is enough allowance for one to hold onto.

It is important to lay the foil over the dent so it will be completely covered.

3. Using the lighter, move it over to the area of the dent while making sure to cover the entire area with the flame with a consistent motion for a whole minute.

Having the entire area heated thoroughly is vital.

4. Take the foil off.

5. Grab the gas duster and put it on the upside down position.

Spray the area with the gas duster on the upside down position for 30 whole seconds.

Positioning the can this way allows the release of carbon dioxide, making it the catalyst that restructures the dent to its original form.

Because of the extreme temperature between the heat of the lighter and the cold from the carbon dioxide, the dent will then revert back to its first form.

The dent should disappear within only two minutes.

A larger dent, however, may take more than just one treatment.

Should the overhead doors still not revert back to its original form, it is advisable to call professional help from an overhead door repair company.

Interested clients may avail of services from these areas in Canada: Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont.

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