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    Are You From Edmonton And Have A Jammed Garage Door? Call Us

    Jammed Garage Door

    Properties with garages have garage doors to be grateful for for the heightened security.

    Not only does an overhead door provide solace and storage for valuable things that cannot fit inside the house, but it also heightens the safety of the residents.

    Homeowners certainly sleep well at night, knowing that the garage door is there to maintain security.

    With the advent of automatic garage door openers, the feeling of security, as well as safety, has improved even more.

    Moreover, automatic door openers are convenient, and therefore make everyday life more comfortable with just one click of the remote control’s commands.

    Due to this reason, inefficiency when it comes to overhead doors is a huge burden in one’s work or lifestyle.

    Imagine hurrying up to run an errand and finding out that the garage door is jammed midway to its opening.

    It could be a pain when inconvenient events happen and rattle things around the house.

    However, residents in Edmonton need not worry about a jammed garage door.

    For one, it can be fixed.

    However, what exactly is causing the door to jam up?

    The following might be the culprit:

    The garage door’s track is wedged

    A jammed overhead door might be because of interference in the tracks.

    The tracks can be lodged or wedged in place due to obstructions in the form of debris and other cleaning items in the garage, which, of course, is a normal occurrence.

    These objects can get stuck for several purposes, which will make it difficult for the garage door to operate.

    Nevertheless, these objects can be removed, and the tracks can be put back into place.

    However, for safety purposes, homeowners should trust only the best professionals when handling dangerous issues regarding the garage door.

    The garage door is locked

    There are some instances when people fail to notice that an object or mechanism has locked itself, or they secured it themselves and forgot to unlock it.

    This situation is an extremely normal occurrence among homeowners.

    If the door is locked, then the door will be jammed when people attempt to open it.

    Garage doors are equipped with a system that fully locks it, which allows people to lock it even from outside through an exterior handle.

    It is possible that any other person, such as the children, could have interfered with the handle and locked the door without even knowing about it.

    Professionals can easily handle this situation, so a locked garage door should not be a problem.

    The springs are broken

    It can be taken perhaps as dangerous when the springs are broken.

    It will not only hinder the door from performing any motion, but it will also jam it while in operation.

    Springs are under heavy tension; that is why they are prone to damages such as wear and tear.

    Broken springs can range from the tension springs to extension springs, and each type brings only misfortune when damaged.

    Repairing and replacing springs is a hazardous business; hence a beginner should not attempt to have a go at it.

    It is better to call an expert who is adept at handling this kind of repair and will put the door back on track in no time.

    The overhead door is off its tracks

    Homeowners can easily notice garage doors that are off their tracks.

    It won’t be easy to operate the garage door, much less move it manually.

    Check to see if the panels are damaged, and if it is, a replacement of the door itself is needed.

    If they are not, the rollers can be simply placed back on track by an expert.

    Contact Us

    For jammed garage doors, leave it to the professionals.

    Various companies offer only the best garage door repair services in Canada.

    Residents of Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, and Stony Plain can reach out immediately if their garage doors are ever in disarray.

    In the event of problems and damages, never attempt a manual repair.

    Always call for help when it comes to overhead doors.

    For security and safety, keep the door running and employ only the best service in town.

    Hope you enjoyed our article titled Are You From Edmonton And Have A Jammed Garage Door? Call Us. Besides “Are You From Edmonton And Have A Jammed Garage Door? Call Us”, feel free to browse our blog for more great content. Garage Door Repair Edmonton Pros.

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