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    Situated in the Western part of Canada, Edmonton has varying weather, often changeable and unpredictable.

    It has four seasons —summer, fall, winter, spring—and is familiar to windstorms, hail, thunderstorms, blizzards, and even the occasional heatwave.

    With prairie type weather, residents living in the area should have heavy-duty overhead doors to handle the most severe weather.

    As extreme weather can take a toll on these doors, owners should not only be aware of the effects of these conditions; they should also understand the importance of their roles to preserve their door’s efficiency.

    Read on to find out how the extreme Edmonton weather impacts garage doors, how to prepare for it, and what to do in case any issues arise.

    Watch Out For Brittle Springs

    When temperatures start dropping, one of the first parts to be likely affected would be the door’s springs.

    This is because when the weather is cold, metal springs become more brittle.

    As a result of the brittleness, the door’s movements are greatly affected due to the fact that the springs help carry the door’s weight and are under a lot of pressure.

    If not maintained, this can cause the springs to break.

    To prevent this, owners should perform check-ups by lifting the overhead doors by hand, but only halfway.

    If doors stay open, then the springs are working correctly.

    However, if it falls, then that is a sure sign that the springs need to be changed immediately.

    Lubricate Moving Parts

    Metal is the primary material used in overhead doors.

    By the time winter rolls around, the metal parts such as the tracks, hinges, and springs have contracted, making the door harder to move, mostly when it is not used regularly.

    The solution to this is by lubricating the parts to continue working efficiently and prevent them from being damaged during wintertime.

    It is also worth noting that not all lubricants are the same.

    Using the wrong lubricant for the door might ruin the consistency, becoming more viscous, causing the door to exert more effort when opening or closing.

    To avoid that from happening, always remember to choose an all-weather lubricant to make sure it can stand the extreme cold.

    Be Mindful About the Openers and Sensors

    The batteries inside the garage door opener are also affected by the cold weather.

    The power can quickly be drained during such conditions, so purchasing a fresh set of batteries before winter is a good idea to prevent unexpected breakdowns.

    Likewise, the door’s photo-eye sensors can be compromised during wintertime.

    The cold air can cause the sensors to fog up and block the lenses, causing potential harm for everyone living in the household.

    Fortunately, to remedy this, learn to wipe down the lenses now and then.

    Keep Garage Door Warm by Insulation

    An excellent way to make sure that the doors don’t turn too cold is by insulating the whole garage, doors included.

    A well-insulated room will keep the warm air in and the moisture out, keeping the area regulated.

    Of course, before starting the whole insulating process, one should not forget to seal the door.

    Check the weather stripping to see if there are any cracks.

    These cracks can allow cold air from the outside to enter, so it’s best to replace the whole weather strip during winter.

    After ensuring the door is sealed off from the harsh weather outside, press layers of foam against the frames to help warm air stay inside.

    What to Do When It Malfunctions

    Garage doors, which comprise different parts, need to be prepared to handle Edmonton’s winters.

    Being proactive is the key when doing winter preparations, and homeowners shouldn’t forget their garage.

    Some examples of overhead door damage due to the cold are ineffective weatherstripping, corroded hardware, frozen rollers, etc.

    These things can easily be prevented by conducting routine maintenance checks, especially before the season arrives.

    Identifying the issues, no matter how little, and fixing it is a hundred times better than being stuck with a malfunctioning door in the middle of winter.

    Luckily enough, residents of Edmonton shouldn’t need to worry in case their doors need fixing. Likewise, those who reside in Leduc, St. Albert, and Beaumont should also not fret, as garage door repair companies are aplenty in the mentioned areas.

    Several local specialists in the area are ready to help, no matter what season it may be.

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