Fixing An Garage Door In Edmonton: All You Need To Know

Fixing An Garage Door In Edmonton

Fixing an overhead door can be quite hard without sufficient knowledge on a few key points.

These points serve as part of the guideline to help homeowners fix their own overhead door.

Depending on them being automatic or manual, the solution to every problem differs depending on the situation.

There are overhead door fixes that can be done in a couple of hours, and there are fixes that need a few days to complete.

It is important to know the type of overhead door, the problem with the overhead door, and the selection of possible fixes to do.

What Type of Garage Door is Being Used

There is a wide selection of overhead doors both for commercial and personal use.

The most important thing to do before fixing the overhead door is identifying what type of door it is and how it functions.

Once the type of overhead door has been pinpointed, it is then important to know how it functions.

Different types of doors function differently.

Although they might seem similar at first, the lever-action, as well as the pull motion, do differ.

Find the Garage Door Problem

Once the identification of the type of overhead door is completed, it is time to find out what exactly is the problem.

Sometimes, the solution to the problem can be found lurking somewhere on the internet.

Sometimes, people can get really lucky when a video of how to fix their problem is made readily available on the internet.

Depending on whether the overhead door functions manually or automatically, the problems may differ.

The problem can be a whole lot of things, here are a few common problems


Sometimes the overhead door just lacks lubrication.

Applying the lubrication in the right places might instantly fix a stuck overhead door.

Although this is not always the case, this usually happens to older overhead doors as opposed to the new ones.

Sometimes all the parts are still fully functional and the only problem is that they are probably rusted and need lubrication.

This can be the first course of action before assuming other problems.

If this does not work, it’s time to inspect even further.

Screws, pulley problems, and etc.

Once the lubrication seems to be okay but the overhead door still does not work, maybe its time to inspect the parts one by one.

Sometimes the problem could be in the screws.

A loose screw somewhere can actually cause certain problems.

This is the same as lubrication.

If a screw falls out, the overhead door will not be able to function like it is supposed to function.

For pulley problems, there are different parts that could be affected.

The chain, the axle, or the support could be what’s causing the overhead door to malfunction.


For automated overhead doors, the problem could be in the software.

Aside from the device “not working” sometimes they can malfunction.

This part is complicated and usually requires professional help but people with experience in technology might be able to crack this one up.

What are the Options?

After laying down the possible problems, it is important to create a flow on how to fix the overhead door.

The first thing to do, obviously, is run down to the store and buy the needed materials to fix the overhead door.

The second thing to do is make a list of priorities labeling them with numbers.

Make steps so that it is easier to follow and removes or minimizes the possibility of getting lost.

The best course of action is still to seek professional help when it comes to overhead door repairs.

Letting the Specialists Deal with the Problem

The problem with people fixing the overhead door by themselves is that if not done properly, this could cause additional damage.

Instead of assuming the risk, it is better to consult the specialists whose main craft in life is fixing doors like the overhead doors.

Residents of Edmonton are in luck!

The local specialists around the area do not only fix overhead doors, they can also upgrade them.

Instead of getting just a basic fix, the option for an upgrade is now presented.

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