How Much Does An Garage Repair Cost

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    How Much Does An Garage Repair Cost

    The standard overhead repair expense can fluctuate depending on the part that requires fixing and the severity of the damage it has acquired.

    An estimation of the full cost of a repair includes the prices of the materials used and labor.

    The average cost of mending a broken overhead door can range from a minimum of $125 up to $290.

    On the other hand, torsion and extension springs are essential gears in an overhead system, and due to the nature of its function, it is a component most vulnerable to rupture.

    The rates in refurbishing a worn-out spring can vary between $95 to $290.

    Additionally, payments can differ from $100 to $190 in fixing devices such as overhead door openers, cables, and other parts.

    Furthermore, overhead door repair companies charge homeowners with $85 for minimum service fees.

    Rates for Garage Repairs

    This approximation can vary according to the locale of the homeowner availing the services of a professional overhead door company.

    • National Payment Range: $207 to $240
    • Classic or Regular Rates: $125 to $290
    • Minimum and Maximum Cost: $85 to $800

    Garage Spring Repairs

    An overhead door that does not open is the most common indicator that something has gone wrong with its spring.

    A well-maintained spring can endure a standard cycle of 10,000 rounds of both opening and closing.

    Subsequently, if a spring has already exhausted its durability, it is highly recommended for homeowners to replace it.

    Typically, a replacement’s price can range from $50 to $290, but this statistic can vary depending on the type of spring needed for the repair.

    A torsion spring amounts to $200 to $290, while an extension spring is worth $50 to $95, which is far more affordable than torsion springs.

    Overhauling an Garage Panel

    Various factors can inflict harm on the condition of an overhead door panel.

    A homeowner can expect to spend $250 up to $800 for substituting a contemporary-styled overhead door panel.

    Additionally, the expanse of time spent on dismantling and putting the overhead panel back can influence the payment rates.

    Unfortunately, replacements for traditional or old-fashioned panels are not that accessible anymore.

    However, the homeowner can discuss with experts for alternatives and solutions that can be employed to resolve this minor complication.

    Garage doors that cannot be salvaged must be replaced, and the installation price ranges from $878 to $1,420.

    Furthermore, costs for repairs and replacements for a crumbling panel will differ according to the material that the overhead door installed at a garage is made of.

    • Fiberglass Garage Door = $200
    • Aluminum Garage Door = Minimum fee: $170; Maximum fee: $289
    • Wooden Garage Door = $400

    Window and Dent Fixes

    Garage doors are situated in the exterior of an abode, which entails that it can be easily subjected to damages, such as surface malformation and windows getting smashed.

    Homeowners can pay an amount of $100 to $300 for straightening out dents in overhead doors purely made of aluminum or steel.

    Please keep in mind to be extra careful in dealing with wooden overhead doors because denting this material’s surface might lead to an overall replacement.

    Lastly, the installation rates in replacing a shattered glass on the window of an overhead door range between $75 to $150 with an additional cost or payment of $15 to $50 allocated for the glass material.

    Prices for Garage Door Gear Repairs and Replacements

    Generally, professionals would advise homeowners that it is preferable to immediately supplant malfunctioning pieces rather than push for repairing it multiple times.

    Traditional overhead door repair rates vary between $80 to $400, but this estimation can increase based on the severity of the degree of deterioration a decrepit part has sustained.

    Here is a list containing the costs of fixing overhead door parts, including the compensation that professionals charge for their labor.



    Total with Service Fees










    Cable and Chain















    Sensor for automated overhead doors





    Subscribing or practicing frequent maintenance check-ups diminishes the probability that a homeowner can experience mishaps and inconvenience because their overhead door is failing.

    Properly maintaining the overall quality of an overhead door can save homeowners from piled-up repair expenses.

    Hiring the help of overhead door repair companies that are guaranteed to offer superb services are easy to come across in Edmonton, Leduc, Sherwood Park, and Spruce Grove.

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