How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks DIY

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    How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks DIY

    Overhead doors are among the most common types of installed garage doors, whether for residential or commercial establishments.

    It operates by rolling up and down when opened or closed.

    Two tracks guide the rollers running from floor to ceiling and continue horizontally found at each side of the doorway.

    It’s quite common for these tracks to end up misaligned after using your garage door at least twice a day, especially when your garage door sustains any exterior or interior impact.

    The misalignment of the tracks may cause the binding or rubbing against the weatherstripping.

    An appearance of a large gap between the door and the weatherstripping can cause misalignment.

    If you notice any of these, better check if your tracks are still in line.

    If not, you can quickly realign and fix it without the help of any professional.

    Suppose you’re looking at how then read this guide to help you get the job done.

    Here are some steps to do in different situations:

    Binding Garage door

    Here are some steps if you find your garage door is binding:

    1. With a screwdriver, you must loosen the screws that hold the tracks in the garage door frame.

    2. Tap the bottom with a rubber mallet, now, align it perfectly vertical. Use a spirit level to know if it’s aligned or not.

    3. Put back the screws and secure it tightly. Repeat the process done for the other track if deemed necessary.

    Has a Gap or is Rubbing

    If you found your door rubbing the weatherstripping or maybe a considerable gap has appeared between them, then these are the steps to realign the tracks:

    1. You need to loosen the bolts first that is responsible for securing each track to its lower track brackets. It is essential to do this before proceeding with the next steps.

    2. Next is you will need to move one of the tracks to its right or left, making sure that the gap is uniform around a quarter of an inch between the door and the weatherstripping.

    3. Do the same process for the opposite track.

    4. Finally, secure the track bolts in place, making sure that it is nice and tight. Also, make sure not to over-tighten them.

    Adjusting the Tracks to the Rollers

    You need to set and align your tracks for the rollers to maintain a smooth operation.

    1. Find the metal clips that are responsible for securing the track to its framing. These are necessary for making side to side adjustments.

    2. Check the distance between the edge of the door and the track, make sure it is not too close nor too far from it.

    3. Make sure to lower the door before starting the adjustment, never work while it is up to avoid accidents.

    4. Loosen the screws then slide the bracket in its right position.

    5. Lastly, tighten it back after setting it with a correct alignment

    Adjusting the Overhead Track

    If you noticed that the overhead part of the track and wall track doesn’t have the same distance from the garage door, then you need to start adjusting it.

    1. Lower the door before making the adjustments

    2. Relocate and make sure the end of the track is parallel with the door.

    3. Loosen the bolts, then slightly draw the end of the track to or away from the door.

    4. Tightly secure the screws back check if there are improvements when operating your door, if not, then move the end of the track again and tightly secure the screws back.

    Note: when working, make sure the door is down. Don’t stand underneath it and attempt the adjustments.

    Adjusting the Track to the Weatherstripping

    If you spot a draft or light when closing the door, then you might need to adjust the track.

    Loosen the screws first before attempting to move them towards the framing. Next, tightly secure it back and check whether the gap is gone.

    Here is a video for a detailed explanation on how to adjust a misaligned track.

    Leave Your Garage Door Track Adjustment to Us

    If you’re not into the job of adjusting it yourself, then you can always contact the Overhead Door Pros.

    We’ll also give you relevant insights and tips to best maintain your garage door.

    If our maintenance technicians deemed it necessary to replace, then you need to comply.

    Rest assured that Overhead Door Pros is reliable and trustworthy.

    We provide quality services of garage door repairs and maintenance in Edmonton and its surrounding areas. Call (587) 804-2072 now.

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