How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

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    How To Improve Garage Door Opener Reception

    Looking to improve your garage door’s opener reception? Check out this video!

    Garage door openers having a poor range is one of the most common problems for a lot of garage door owners out there.

    Imagine getting home only to find out your garage doors won’t function because you’re out of range, or something is blocking your signal, wouldn’t you be frustrated as well?

    Garage door remotes were created in order for you to be able to open your garage doors at a longer range and what use it would be if you have to be so close to your garage doors in order for it to work?

    Your garage door opener’s range is affected by a lot of different factors such as interference, antenna position, frequency, etc. so that is why sometimes it may seem as if your total range is somewhat shorter than it normally is.

    When you find yourself in a situation like this, don’t you ever wonder how to improve your garage door opener reception further?

    Yes, you heard it right, there are things you can do to improve your garage door’s over-all range, and here are some of the following:

    Replacing your garage door remote’s batteries

    How can you begin to improve garage door opener reception, if your out of batterie juice?

    One reason why your garage door may be losing all that range can be because of your garage door remote’s batteries.

    Do you remember the last time you had your batteries replaced?

    If it has been a very long time since then maybe it is time to have your garage door remote’s batteries replaced.

    In order for your garage door’s remote to function, it needs something to power it up — batteries.

    Garage door remote batteries can normally last up to 3 to 5 years of usage.

    Once used more than that, it can affect your signal’s range and it can even start corroding the metals inside your garage door remote.

    Now, if your garage door’s range seems to decrease, changing your batteries should be the very first thing to do since it is the cheapest and least time consuming of all troubleshooting options.

    And once you have replaced those batteries, your range is improved significantly.

    Installing an antenna extension

    Another thing that you can do in order to increase your garage door opener’s range is to upgrade your opener’s antennas themselves.

    You can do this by installing an antenna extension on your garage door openers.

    There are a lot of options you can choose from depending on the range you want to be added to your openers.

    If you have no idea what kind of antenna extension is compatible with your existing garage door repair opener, then you may try contacting your opener’s customer service or consult with your local garage door repair company.

    Removing antenna away from interference

    If you have anything near your garage door openers that may be messing with its signal, then you can try relocating your antenna away from those obstructions in order to improve your garage door’s range.

    Easy as it sounds, this can actually be a bit trickier than it seems.

    You will need to remove some of your garage door opener’s components and if you are not careful, it may end up with your openers becoming defective or the like.

    For situations like this, it is best to ask for help from a professional garage door repair technician to help you out with your problem.

    Upgrading your garage door’s remote

    Sometimes, due to old age or over time, your garage door remote’s different parts can wear out affecting its performance as well as its range.

    When your remote start to get too old, there are a lot of different problems that may occur and to have your garage door’s range affected is only one of them.

    In order to confirm this theory, you may try to have your garage door remotes checked with the closest garage door repair near you.

    They should have proper equipment that could test the strength of your garage door remote’s signal.

    If it turns out that your garage door remotes are indeed underperforming because of old age, have them replaced with new garage door remotes that are just as compatible with your garage door openers.


    If the decreasing range of your garage doors has been bothering you for quite some time now, then maybe it is best to have your system checked by a professional garage door technician.

    They will be able to assess better what exactly could be causing this to happen and can even suggest different options you can choose from to address the situation.

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