Garage Door Cable Repair

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    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Cables are one of the most critical components of garage doors.

    It acts in accordance with the springs to allow the garage door’s operation to go smoothly and without any problems.

    However, cables do face damages, too, just like springs and any other system components.

    Sometimes, they can wear out over time and eventually snap, which is a worst-case scenario.

    Cables and springs, having the job of carrying the weight and receiving the door’s tension, are, more often than not, subject to various problems.

    Nevertheless, the good thing is that they can be repaired and replaced.

    With Garage Door Pros, cable repairs are made more comfortable with garage door solutions and services.

    What we offer:

    • Garage door cable replacements
    • Broken garage door cable fix
    • Cable track repairs
    • Cable tension adjustment

    Cable repairs are handled professionally and safely by the company.

    Garage Door Pros’ professionals and expert technicians can help with any broken or snapped cables.

    Torsion Springs’ Cable Replacement

    The torsion springs’ cables are connected to the door’s foot into the sides, which allows the torsion springs to wind itself up.

    As the garage door is lifted above, the torsion springs also unwind, and the force that it produces contributes to the lifting of the door.

    These cables are the companions of the torsion springs that assist it on the job.

    Hence, when cables like these are broken, the springs lifting the door cannot unwind, and the door itself cannot be opened.

    The company’s services can quickly replace these cables and put the torsion springs back into place.

    What we can do:

    • Replace the broken cable
    • Perform maintenance
    • Employ expert lubrication

    Extension Springs Cable Replacement

    There are different types of cables that complement the different types of springs as well.

    Naturally, there are also cables for extension springs that accompany its function and make the operation easier.

    The extension springs are linked to the cables located at the foot of the garage door’s sides.

    Because of this, the closing of the door allows the extension springs to stretch, hence the name.

    The door’s opening is prevented with a broken spring cable as the springs itself are stopped from lifting the door back into its original place above.

    This issue disrupts the operation’s flow and eventually stops the garage door itself from functioning.

    Garage Door Pros can put doors back the right way with its extension springs’ cable replacement services carried out expertly by professional and experienced technicians.

    What we can do:

    • Extension springs cable replacement
    • Extension springs cable maintenance
    • Extension springs cable lubrication

    Safety Cables Repair and Replacement

    The garage door is also installed with a set of safety cables that prevent a broken garage door from falling.

    If the garage door has been damaged, it is the safety mechanism employed to prevent further damages and injuries on the people nearby.

    Safety cables are closely linked to the track of the garage door located near the pulleys.

    Therefore, if the springs break, these cables can easily hold up the springs mid-air to keep further problems from arising.

    However, the springs cannot be prevented from falling when it breaks.

    If the safety cables of garage doors are damaged, the door cannot be prevented from falling along with the spring, causing more problems for homeowners.

    In such cases, have it repaired or replaced with the company’s expert services and solutions.

    What we can do:

    • Repair safety cables
    • Replace safety cables
    • Maintain safety cables
    • Perform professional lubrication on safety cables

    Other problems on garage door cables we can fix:

    • Unwounded cables – It can cause damage to springs and, in turn, the garage door itself.
    • Worn out and old cables – Worn out ones cannot let you open the door at all.
    • Frayed cables – It can cause various problems that are even bigger than the previous ones.

    When it comes to garage door cables, Garage Door Pros is an expert at that.

    For repairs and replacements, do not insist on doing it yourself as it could be dangerous.

    Residents of Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont can enjoy our professional services when garage door problems arise.

    Contact us via Email or phone call and help is on its way.

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