How to Improve Garage Door Security

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    How to Improve Garage Door Security – Garage doors are the biggest moving appliance in a household.

    They also pose as the largest entrypoint inside one’s home and an often overlooked side of security.

    While we take the operation of our homes and overhead doors for granted, there are simple measures each of us can do to increase overhead door safety and security.

    Here are a few things on how improvements can be done to the overhead door safety.

    Put away the things that are not needed

    Leaving things out in the open when one is doing his/her work or school projects is always tempting — especially things like power tools.

    It’s always a hassle to stow them away every time because there’s just too much wirings; thus, letting them sit out is more convenient.

    However, to keep the area as safe as possible, everything must be put in its proper place.

    Power tools and other electronics should also be unplugged and put away each day.

    By keeping power tools away and safe from others, it can protect the tenants of the house from getting hurt.

    It can also make the garage area of the house a safer place for everyone.

    There will also be fewer chances to snag one’s feet on these tools, ultimately tripping in the process, and their respective wires or the emergence of a messy work station.

    Childproof the area

    Make sure the entrance of the garage is a safe place for children by childproofing it.

    Use hard-to-crack locks on drawers and cabinets that stow away hazardous tools and materials.

    Store ladders in horizontal position so as not to be easily reached by kids.

    Homeowners should also bar entry to the garage where a child could crawl in and hide.

    These could be places one may need to look over again, in case there are possible blindspots where a small person can enter.

    Install the overhead door opener button out of reach of small children and only within personnel use.

    Keep small items such as nuts and bolts out of reach.

    This prevents kids from swallowing or using them as toys.

    Doing all these can help childproof the entire area of the overhead door, seeing as how these loose parts and tools lying around can pose as things that can obstruct the mechanisms of the overhead doors.

    Thoroughly inspect the overhead doors

    For safety’s sake, the overhead door must operate at its peak potential.

    Regularly inspect the overhead doors for loosened hinges, build-up of dirt and dust within the tracks, the wearing of pulleys and springs, and fraying of the cables.

    Any of these signs might make the overhead doors of a homeowner unsafe to use.

    Closely inspect the overhead door from time to time.

    Check for weather-stripping gaps.

    Burglars may use these gaps to their advantage to get inside the house.

    Moreover, always inspect the overhead door when weather seasons shift.

    Inspect and do some checking for any possible vulnerabilities that may have arisen during the winter time that transitioned into spring.

    Snow and ice may have worn down the weather-stripping or the other components of the door.

    Set the security switch

    Most overhead door openers provide safety switches that stop their doors’ operations.

    Change up the code for overhead doors regularly.

    Put up reminders to have things switched up in every six months (or on a schedule that meets the need) and it’ll greatly enhance the overall security of the overhead door and the area.

    Protect the emergency code

    The overhead door opener has an emergency release cord.

    This was created so that it can be pulled to open the entrance from the inside during power outages.

    Security can be reinforced in the area from burglars by using zip ties on the release levers.

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    It is essential for homeowners to reinforce and improve the security of their overhead doors, as made evident by the things stated above.

    Garage door repair service companies offer a wide variety of services that aid in the overall security of overhead doors: installation, maintenance, security reinforcements, and many more.

    In addition to this, services are made accessible in many regions such as Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove or Sherwood Park.

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