How to Increase Garage Door Opener Range

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    How to Increase Garage Door Opener Range

    Having an inefficient garage door opener is a common problem faced by homeowners.

    The decrease in the range of what the garage door receiver can perceive causes frustrations and hinders the functionality of the remote.

    Several external factors cause this decrease in range, where it disrupts the signal.

    An example of this is a drained or damaged battery in the remote that leads to a lower signal it sends.

    But, don’t fret because there are few ways to increase your garage door opener range.

    This article will help and guide you on troubleshooting the problem and show you the step-by-step process.

    How to Increase Your Garage Door Opener Range

    There are a few options we’ll give you in this step-by-step process that we’re going to provide you.

    Either this will help you save your budget on buying a new remote, or even end up not spending anything just by doing a few tweaks in your garage and garage door opener.

    Purchase a New Battery

    One thing you must do is change the batteries of your remote.

    It should be the cheapest way to increase your garage door remote’s range.

    The higher the voltage of the battery the wider its range is.

    That is why replacing it with a new one is the best way to send a signal with a broader range.

    When purchasing a battery, make sure to bring your remote to a local battery dealer.

    You will need all the information you can get, so better ask for the professionals.

    Ask for any recommendations, the higher its voltage is, the better.

    After you purchase the batteries, all that is left is to replace the old with the new ones.

    You just need to remove the back cover of the remote.

    If it’s using a twist-lock as a cover, then just use a screwdriver and twist the lock.

    Remove Anything That Blocks The Signal

    Common mistakes that people do are placing overhead storage spaces in front of the transmitter’s way.

    There shouldn’t be anything placed in it so that the garage door opener receives the signal properly.

    Remove anything that can obstruct the signal from where you usually use the remote to the door.

    Objects, specifically heavy materials or metals like lead and concrete can slow the signal sent by the remote to the transmitter.

    Avoid placing any metal, lead, and bulky cabinets in front of your receiver.

    You can also take this opportunity to clean and relocate your things to a different section of your garage, making it more organized.

    Electrical Components

    Electrical components can also cause interference, as it lowers the chances of detecting the signal.

    Look around your garage and see if you can identify any of these:

    • TV cable
    • Led Lights
    • Chargers
    • Surge Protectors
    • Sprinklers
    • Freezers
    • Alarms

    If you’ve noticed any infrequent range issues after installing any of these near your garage, then these might be the cause of it.

    A lot of wireless appliances you have at home can also interfere with your remote control signal.

    After confirmation, just do a bit of research or maybe contact a professional and ask for advice regarding the electrical layout of your house.

    It might be a good idea to reroute the layout of your home to address the problem and increase the range of your garage door opener.

    There might also be the possibility that your neighbor’s electronics are causing the interference because it is too close to your garage door opener.

    Try checking it out and adjust or try asking your neighbor nicely and inform him/her.

    Position your garage door opener remote control

    Changing the position of your garage door opener remote control might also be an option.

    Doing this allows the remote control to transmit the signal better.

    Make sure that you haven’t placed and positioned it in your car that points in the wrong direction.

    This causes a decrease in the range of signals that the remote can send out to the receiver.

    It’s also best that no object hinders or obstructs the line of sight from the remote to the receiver, like your car or bulky equipment.

    Placing it down on the floor or at a wrong angle is also bad as it decreases the signal range.

    Try using your garage door opener remote in a clear angle. The best way is by pressing it in front of your windshield.

    This way, the remote can transmit the signal cleanly since nothing is blocking the way.

    You can watch a more detailed explanation on maximizing your garage door range here.

    Consult With us!

    If your garage door opener still has a short range, even with all the tweaks you have done in your garage, then don’t hesitate and call for a professional’s help.

    Overhead Garage Door Pros have the tools and skills to make the most out of your garage door opener.

    In Edmonton, the Overhead Door Pros provide quality services and will be there at your doorsteps 24/7 if you need to. Call (587) 804-2072 now.

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