How To Open an Garage Door Manually

Keeping Children Safe Near Garage Doors

The very reason why homeowners opt for smart overhead doors is because of its efficiency.

Manual garage doors require physical lifting, which is difficult and tiresome because it requires effort.

What more to homeowners with strained backs or not physically adaptable?

They would indeed have a hard time lifting it.

However, there are times where it is the only option available—sometimes, the worst-case scenario.

Thus, homeowners must acquire the knowledge in opening it manually when an emergency arises like a power outage.

So, if by any chance of a power outage, it can still be utilized.

All automatic or smart overhead doors have a bypass that is designed for circumstances like this.

To access this, disconnect first the door from the electricity carriage, then follow these steps afterward.

Ways to manually lift the door inside

There are two ways to lift the door manually. The most common way is to do it inside.

It is also the suggested method to use.

Here are seven steps to open the overhead door manually:

1. First, make sure that the locks or latches are open when opening the door.

2. Next, disconnect the opener by unplugging the power cord from the door.

3. Get a ladder and place it under the chains, then locate the emergency release cord.

It is usually red, hanging from the bracket near the door, and connecting the arm to the garage door’s center track.

4. Jerk the red cord using the knob.

This would lead to the cord being hooked on a small lever, and then it will be loaded with the springs.

Please take note that the cord should be pulled until the lever locks.

5. Get off the ladder and hold the door (please ask others’ assistance since it is too heavy).

Upon lifting, if the door does not budge, pull the cord again until it locks open.

6. To ensure safety, let go of the door slowly.

Prop the door open, and ease it down by hand when closing.

7. Lastly, pull down the cord again until it locks.

While pulling, observe as the bracket returns into the chain bracket.

Repeat these seven easy steps if unsuccessful. Determine where it went wrong.

Ways to manually lift the door outside

Furthermore, another option available is to open it outside.

Although it is not common, this process is still proven effective.

Follow these steps for a successful manual lifting:

1. Locate the emergency release kit.

There is a red cable inside.

2. Trigger the release mechanism by unlocking this cable.

This step shifts the door into a manual mode.

3. Afterward, search for another lock below the emergency release kit to unlock the overhead door.

Turn the handle vertically using a key.

4. Lastly, lift the door.

Pull the overhead door with the help of others because it is heavy enough for one to lift. Keep it open while the car moves out of the garage.

5. Pull the cable again after the successful lifting. If not, please repeat these steps.


  • Lubricate the parts first before doing the steps. It makes it easier to pull. It would also avoid any unnecessary sound to come out.
  • Check the manual for the step-by-step procedures. The manual will serve as a guide with reliable guidelines and other tips that would guarantee safety.
  • Do not pull the bypass (red) cord if the door is stuck in the open position. Doing so might lead to the door crashing down immediately.

Contact an overhead door technician

Dangers are always present; thus, as much as possible, it must be avoided.

Manually opening the door might result in getting severe injuries, especially to the mentioned vulnerable ones.

Therefore, it is highly suggested to ask professional help from skilled technicians in doing this.

Safety should be everyone’s top priority–no matter the extent for which one is willing to go to ensure it.

These overhead door specialists are guaranteed experts in this field.

The homeowners might not identify some causes since they lack adequate knowledge that only these technicians possess.

Contact an overhead door repair specialist immediately near these areas: Northwest Edmonton, Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, St. Albert, Glastonbury or Leduc.

They offer services such as overhead door fixing, maintenance, assistance, checkups, inspections, and many more.

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