Maintaining Warehouse Roll-up Doors

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    Maintaining Warehouse Roll-up Doors

    Having a warehouse roll-up door is not just about storing your valuables, but also making your house or business secure, as it provides safety to you and your employees.

    Many people have their garage doors but do not know how to maintain them at all.

    Some people only act when the problem is in the state beyond repair, causing accidents and injuries to happen.

    If you have a garage door, you should be responsible for maintaining it and keeping it in top shape.

    Garage doors aren’t everlasting, and they eventually wear out.

    If you don’t want to spend too much money on its repairs or replacement, you should start its regular maintenance now.

    Before doing your maintenance, please read the following regarding your safety:

    • Make sure to unplug all connections. If possible, remove any electronic devices.
    • Clamp the roller track to keep the metal sheet from dropping.
    • Never remove springs that are under tension. They could get loose if you handle them.

    Materials for DIY maintenance on your garage door

    Hammer and nails – used for tightening of hinges, if there are any.

    Flat-head screwdriver – used for tightening and loosening screws

    Ladder – used to repair or clean something in high locations or for climbing up or down the garage door assembly.

    Unused or Old Toothbrush – used for cleaning nuts, bolts, rollers, etc. Also, use a separate brush to remove debris and grease.

    Rugs – used for cleaning. Must have separate mats for wet use and dry use.

    Silicone spray and Brake cleaner – used for garage door tracks

    White Lithium grease – increases the performance of spring because spring is working on the open-and-close movement of a door.

    The grease also prevents spring rust and extend its life.

    Clean the Garage Door Tracks

    Dirt and rust could build-up to your rollers and track over time.

    Clean the tracks and its rollers using an old toothbrush and a bucket of water.

    After brushing off the rust residues and dirt, rinse off the door tracks with water, and wipe both tracks and rollers dry.

    Be careful in washing garage door parts that are sensitive to water, such as the sensors.

    Check for Loosened Parts

    Check for any loose bolts or screws and tighten them, especially on the hinges that connect the sections of your garage door.

    If there are damaged screws and hinges, replace them with a newer one.

    If the hole where you insert the screw is enlarged, try to use screws that are longer.

    If that won’t work at all, use a hollow plug and dip it with carpenter’s glue with the screw attached to it.

    Test your warehouse garage door’s balance

    Remove the clamps attached to the track and check your garage door’s balance by testing it manually.

    Simply pull the red cord from the opener and try to open your garage door.

    Lower the door halfway and see if it holds itself hanging. If it doesn’t, the problem lies with its spring.

    Mending on the spring could be dangerous without proper knowledge.

    Never hesitate to call on your garage repair technician for help.

    Keep the Parts Lubricated

    Lubricate all the parts associated with moving with grease, especially springs and tracks.

    In this way, you can provide a comfortable and smooth operation of your garage door parts.

    Every day you always open and close your warehouse garage door, that’s why you lube it at least every month if your budget can provide it.

    We recommend you to use white lithium grease.

    You can get this for less than $20, depending on the brand and quality.

    Check your warehouse garage door components for wears

    Warehouse garage doors are composed of bulky materials, and damaging these components could lead to severe injuries or accidents.

    Inspect your garage door to see if there are any dents and weary parts, especially on the spring, cables, rollers and tracks.

    If you can see any, do DIY repairs on them immediately or call a garage repair company.


    If you want help in maintaining your overhead garage door, Overhead Door Pros in Edmonton will help you bring it back in top shape and extend its lifespan.

    We offer a variety of repair and installation services.

    We can cover up all that your warehouse garage door needs and do all-in-one maintenance for you, restoring your garage door in its best condition.

    Call us at (587) 804-2072 and experience the best repair and maintenance service for your garage doors.

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