Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Summer

Garage Doors LifeSpan

Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Summer – Maintenance can go a long way for a garage door.

While it has a specific life span to which it adheres to in terms of usability.

It usually only lasts for 15 to years at best.

Maintenance can prolong such a life span and even prevent damages from arising.

As they say, prevention is better than cure.

Hence, homeowners should make it a habit to perform cleaning and lubrication whenever possible.

Maintaining a mechanism is essential in protecting and preserving its health and may save more repair costs than any other method.

Summer is a season of heat and high temperatures that can affect the garage door’s system. External forces often play a part in damages.

Here are six maintenance tips for garage doors during this hot season that anyone can make full use under any circumstance.

1. Check the hardware of the door

Performing inspections once in a while can help homeowners identify problems and act on it as soon as possible.

If a repair is needed, they can quickly call for a garage door service company or fix the minimal damage themselves.

Homeowners can do this by checking the visible parts that are not too delicate for a regular person’s hands.

Identifying damage or a problem is easy enough.

If something is noticeably wrong, act on it immediately.

2. Lubricate the hardware and other components

Lubrication is one of the essential maintenance done for the door’s hardware.

It requires a certain amount of time and delicateness.

Homeowners should be able to lubricate parts, especially those that are metal, using a 3 in 1 type of oil that can be rubbed on surfaces.

It helps prevent rusting and ensures a smooth operation for the door as it connects with the overall system.

Never use grease in lubricating the hardware of the door as it could pose problems for the parts.

3. Wash and clean the garage door

Summer is perhaps the best season for washing and cleaning things.

It helps with the heat and improves the overall appearance and makeup of the mechanism.

Cleaning the door will eliminate dirt, grime, and grease that has built and attached itself on the door over time.

One can use simple cleaning materials such as water and household detergent to clean the steel and aluminum surfaces efficiently and conveniently.

4. Put on new paint

Nothing beats a new look for the summer.

That is not, however, the only thing that paint can do.

A new one can help strengthen the door’s foundation and contribute to the sturdiness of its material.

Choosing a new unique color will improve its appearance and functionality, and maybe even the people in the neighborhood and a family’s mood.

Seeing an object in a new light makes it look brand new and summer-ready.

5. Take care of its insulation

If the garage door is not insulated correctly, then it should be noted that homeowners should care to put proper insulation into the garage.

It is not only useful during the winter season, but is also an excellent contributor in the warm months.

It helps keep the heat out from the air conditioning device through the insulation that it provides in the property.

This can also improve the temperature in the nearby rooms, especially those that are above the garage.

6. Strengthen the door

Extreme weather conditions such as hurricanes can occur at any time at any season.

Climate change has changed the game, and so should homeowners when it comes to their property.

Strengthening and reinforcing the garage door can help it withstand the test of these external forces.

Inspect any holes on the door and tamper it immediately.

If there are any noticeable weak links or worn parts, have it replaced immediately or repaired by calling a professional technician.

If one notices any damages during maintenance or are too busy to do the steps on one’s own, give us a call immediately, and we will make sure that the door is at its best when the worst comes to worst.

We offer our expert garage door repair services to Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St. Albert and more.

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