Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Winter

Signs Of Faulty Or Broken Garage Door Springs

Garage Door Maintenance Tips For The Winter – It is always good to be prepared at all times–better, being inherently quick-witted.

The saying better safe than sorry can be applied in so many ways.

For instance, it can be practiced for door maintenance, which would require a little effort on one’s end and saves anyone from the hassle–physical and financial–that comes with it.

Changing parts and mechanisms in the middle of winter should be the least of anyone’s concerns.

To prevent that from happening, here are some tips and tricks for winter maintenance on overhead doors that one might find useful should they be accosted with such a scenario.

One crucial thing for winter-proofing one’s home is protecting the overhead doors from the harsh wear that winter brings.

The wear on the door is bad enough during other seasons, but winter brings another level of harshness, as the cold and moving parts of any machine do not get well together.

In this article, a list of proposed suggestions for tips and tricks will be introduced that will help maintain and lessen the wear overhead doors usually experience during wintertime.

One of the most overlooked areas to consider when winter-proofing homes or spaces are the doors; most overhead doors are used as garage doors or warehouse doors.

Thus it is necessary to look into the small details to bring these issues to the fore.

Therefore, here are a few tips and tricks on maintenance for overhead doors during winter.

Check on the moving parts

The wear on moving parts on any machine, if left neglected, is always a significant factor that may affect its efficiency and total use.

The same can be said for overhead doors.

Be sure to check all moving parts for strange clicks and sounds before the winter season.

This allows anyone ample time to find a solution or a replacement part.

Check on the other parts

Parts such as windows, handles, and everything installed together with the overhead door that is not considered moving parts should also be double-checked.

For example, cracked windows should be replaced immediately along with gaps on the windows linings should also be checked.

Much focus should also be placed on the sealing around the windows and that one must make sure that they are set correctly, without any gaps for snowfall to enter.

If accidentally let, snowfall can damage the window and eventually to the overhead door itself.


The importance of the weather stripping of an overhead door cannot go unnoticed as it is responsible for keeping winter elements out.

Wipe down grease build up on tracks and rollers; the grease build-up is one cause of unnecessary wear and tear for the overhead door’s usage.

It is also good to note that the sensors must also be properly lined up and that no object should obstruct its line of vision when checking the cables or torsion springs.

Since these cables and springs are responsible for opening and closing the door, they are most subject to overuse and damage.

Therefore, if left to rust, they may be a cause for potential harm.

It would be best to exercise the highest amount of caution when dealing with this.


For those who own a remote-controlled garage door, this may sometimes be overlooked, and it would be an inconvenience if the batteries were to die out the moment you need them the most.

Be sure to have spare batteries stored in the house–even in one’s car.

One never knows the exact time these batteries will die out.

It can also be a good practice to invest in rechargeable batteries to avoid the need to buy batteries regularly.

Just be sure not to forget to charge the batteries.

There are many other ways to winter-proof one’s homes and overhead doors.

Do not be limited by this list as there are other factors that one must consider; factors that will usually depend on the structure and architecture of one’s home.

Needless to say that failing to plan is planning to fail; thus, one should always keep their wits and memory sharp.

Be sure to check all potential areas of concern and troubleshoot it right away.

Should wintertime arrive, residents of St. Albert, Leduc, Stony Plain and all Edmonton surrounding need not worry.

Garage door repair services are aplenty and readily available in these areas.

The hassle of going out during winter to fix a broken overhead door is not worth the small amount of time needed to check everything before winter.

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