Garage Door Maintenance: 4 Tips For Long Life

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    Garage Door Maintenance

    Garage Door Maintenance – The average lifespan of overhead doors is approximately 30 years.

    On the other hand, its opener can last between 10 to 12 years.

    This is possible with the proper care and maintenance.

    Keeping up with the ways on how to take care of them will prevent further replacements and attempts to fix them in the future, which are deemed to be more costly.

    In this post, four tips on how to reach the average lifespan or even increase it will be elaborated.

    These simple tips ensure smooth garage operation with parts working excellently.

    Proper lubrication

    The most commonly reiterated tip for maintaining the overhead door is lubrication.

    Owners are responsible for greasing up the working parts of the door.

    This is the easiest way to take care of the garage that would only last for about 10 minutes.

    This is always advised because the parts are working daily with tremendous amounts of effort.

    Most parts, like the springs, tracks, and cables, produce and receive great pressure from functioning, subjecting them to wear and tear.

    Moreover, lubricating the parts can prevent unlikely noise.

    To do this, purchase different kinds of lubricants, appropriate to each necessary part.

    Coat the opener’s drive screw or chain using a spray lubricant.

    Meanwhile, apply a silicone-based lubricant on the other parts.

    If unsure what brands or types to buy, contact an overhead door specialist.

    Testing the door’s balance

    An overhead door that is not well-balanced will not last long as proven in most cases because it will have to work extra hard, forcing the parts to reach their limits.

    When this happens, the tension between the parts and the door increases to an unwanted level, creating undue strain both on the opener and the door.

    In simpler words, it shortens the lifespan of the overall overhead door.

    Therefore, to maintain it, take time to test the door’s balance.

    The first step is to disconnect the door from the opener by pulling the manual release cord manually until the door is halfway up.

    The door will stop on its own if it is appropriately balanced.

    On the other hand, the door will slide down and ride up immediately if it is not.

    If this is observed, the issue has been more serious; thus, a professional overhead door technician is already needed.

    A DIY is not recommended because it is an indication of a severe threat; it concerns the spring’s that needs adjustment.

    Replacing weather-stripping

    The weather-stripping, located mostly below the overhead door, is protection against external factors.

    If the weather seals are starting to decay, it leaves a space for these things to enter the garage.

    It invites outside elements like rainwater, snow, dust, and unwelcomed creatures, creating possibilities of dangerous situations.

    To know if the weather-stripping needs replacement, check if there are puddles in the garage, any signs of rusts on the door, or drafts coming under it.

    Owners can do weather-stripping on their own with extra care and effort.

    For plans of doing this straightforward project, prepare the appropriate products and tools.

    Also, beware of the measurements provided because it is rarely true; it is better to conduct measurements manually and repeatedly.

    If not confident, there will always be professionals to ask for assistance.

    Tightening the hardware

    The parts are working hard every day, making it prone to wear and tear.

    In fact, the overhead door operates over a thousand times annually.

    Every time it moves, frictions and vibrations are produced.

    These movements result in the components becoming loose over time, hampering the overall functionality of the door.

    Be observant and always examine the hardware.

    Tighten the parts that can be done through a DIY method like roller brackets and bolts and let the professionals do the more difficult ones to avoid complications.

    Ask assistance from overhead door professionals

    Maintaining the overhead door is the owner’s responsibility.

    By following these tips, they can reach and even improve the life expectancy of the door.

    Repairs and replacements on overhead and garage doors will most likely be avoided too.

    However, if any form of repair is necessary, contact an overhead door specialist available in Sherwood Park, Stony Plain, Leduc, St. Albert and more.

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