Garage Door Remote Not Working? Here’s Why

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    Garage Door Remote Not Working – After a busy and stressful day at work, coming home to a garage door that does not respond to its remote control can be a considerable annoyance.

    Technological advancements with garage doors promote an upgraded form of convenience and security to most homeowners today.

    Thanks to these advancements, a remote-controlled device now enables opening and closing an overhead door with just one click.

    Homeowners are no longer troubled with getting out of their cars to open a heavy overhead door manually.

    This is possible through the infrared signal(IR), which sends the receiver commands to trigger the switch to open or close the overhead door.

    Along with the latest developments of technology are issues and problems that can happen when they refuse to function.

    Convenient remote controlled overhead doors are just as inconvenient when these technologies refuse to work.

    Some of the reasons why an overhead door remote might be malfunctioning or unresponsive are stated below.

    The remote control’s batteries might be dead

    The possibility that the batteries may be weak or dead is the most common reason why overhead door remote controls stop working.

    It is best to replace the batteries with their exact replacements.

    Most batteries look the same, so it is essential to pick out the exact match for the remote control to work correctly.

    Most remote controls use 3-volt lithium batteries, while older remote controls use 12-volt batteries.

    Additionally, rechargeable batteries, even though cost-effective, put out lesser volts than an alkaline battery, so this might affect the performance of the remote control.

    Garage door remote batteries commonly last about two years before they need to be replaced, so it is crucial to change the battery if it has been unchanged for a while.

    Fully charged batteries are preferable to activate a strong signal, while batteries that are not fully charged can only provide a weak signal that might still cause some problems.

    Lastly, checking the battery’s electrical contacts can also be helpful.

    It is essential to ensure that it is not dirty or wet to allow the batteries’ electrical currents to make its way to the remote control’s circuit board.

    The remote control might have internal damages

    If a remote does not exhibit physical damages, then the problem might be from within.

    There might be a need for the remote clicker to be reset or reprogrammed.

    One of the reasons for a remote control’s failure is the transmitter’s failure to operate, which could be why the receiver is not working satisfactorily.

    Most homeowners can reset or reprogram the unit by following the manual that comes with the device or, better yet, calling technicians to assist with the necessary steps to take so that it can be reprogrammed without further complications.

    In some cases, the circuit board might need to be serviced by an experienced and professional technician.

    The circuit board is a much more complex and advanced component of an overhead door, so it would be best to schedule a garage door repair service and let a professional technician fix the issue at hand.

    Some causes for internal failure might be because of power surges where the unit has been unplugged, wiring issues, or even lightning strikes during a storm.

    A remote control replacement might be due

    If physical damages are visible on a remote control device, it might be best to replace it with a new one, as chances are, it might have gotten damaged through getting wet or dropped and stepped on.

    A universal overhead door remote control would work as a fitting replacement for most garage door models, although it might not be compatible with some model types.

    If the garage door opener is a new model or at least 20 years old, then a universal garage door remote control can still work as a replacement.

    However, if the garage door opener is older, it would be better to find a standard remote since universal remote controls do not work on older models.

    It is advised to contact the manufacturer to acquire the specific remote compatible with the overhead door efficiently.

    This can save time and produce less hassle when looking for the appropriate remote control replacement.

    Once a replacement is due, technicians’ assistance is needed to reinstall the remote control devices to the overhead door.

    Seek assistance from professionals

    Having a legit and experienced technician work on problems regarding overhead door remote controls provides a more secure solution to these types of complications, and it may even prevent further issues that might arise in the future.

    Garage door services and remote controls are sold at garage door repair companies in St. Albert, Beaumont, and other towns in the Edmonton area.

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