Springs, Pulleys, Chains, And Power: Know Your Garage Door

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    Springs, Pulleys, Chains, And Power: Know Your Garage Door

    Springs Pulleys Chains Power

    A responsible homeowner should be knowledgeable about the things in their house.

    Possessing the knowledge of what constitutes the home objects around is helpful.

    It gives an immediate solution per se a problem occurs.

    Although it is not recommended, do-it-yourself initiatives are remedies while waiting for professional help.

    Please take note to do DIY if only applicable and matches the recognized capabilities.

    One of the objects that might need inspections includes the overhead door.

    Nowadays, the majority of the population’s houses are now equipped with a modern overhead door.

    Brought along by technological advancements, it is now powered by a switch and remote control, unlike in the past, wherein it is done manually.

    However, the accessibility it promotes comes with complexity; the more modern it is, the more complicated it is.

    Therefore, it is necessary for homeowners to be aware enough to lessen the tendencies of it getting broken and the costs that come along with the repairs.

    There are four essential parts of an overhead door. These are springs, pulleys, chains, and power.


    Springs are the metal coils assigned in heavy lifting, responsible for the raising and lowering of the overhead door.

    There are two types, namely torsion, and extension.

    The ones located on top of the overhead door are called torsion springs.

    It exhibits its function by using the cable winding on drums.

    On the other hand, extension springs are the ones that assist the torsion springs.

    These springs are also located on the top, extending along the horizontal tracks on each side.

    Both of them are important in different roles.

    Torsion springs are considered more durable and last longer while extension springs wear out faster because of the friction effort.

    As for its energy source, torsion springs are twisted while the latter is stretched.


    The pulleys’ role is to exhibit the springs’ full potential.

    There are four pulleys found in each overhead door to function.

    On each side of the tracks, there are two pulleys with pulley forks attached.

    On the other hand, the remaining two are stationary placed on top of the horizontal track, facing the radius track.

    Ensure that these pulleys are not worn out and rusted because overhead doors cannot function fully.

    Another issue regarding the pulleys is the annoying scraping noises.

    When this arises, a worn ball bearing might be the cause.

    The sound is just a side effect.

    What is happening when these sounds are heard might be the pulley grinding the track angle.

    Furthermore, beware of a split pulley caused by a failed rivet, making the door bind.


    Chains are the metal manacles of an overhead door opener.

    This part is fundamental, especially for chain-driven doors.

    It is responsible for motivating the trolley that lifts the door.

    Make sure that the chains are tight to function well.

    When chains are loose, homeowners should be alarmed.

    Loose overhead door chain produces slapping sounds and other unusual noises, which are signs of danger.

    However, this problem is usual since chains are overworked in nature.

    It becomes slack from daily use due to the motor’s vibration and the heavy lifting.

    Therefore, it is necessary to lubricate it regularly and replace it as soon as it wears out.


    Garage doors have evolved due to technological advancements.

    Smart overhead doors require power to operate.

    Thus, when a power outage happens, it cannot be used unless there is a generator or batteries.

    When there is no electricity, homeowners should depend on their physical powers.

    Manual lifting is an option that can be used as the last resort.

    The first step is to ensure that the door is in a down position.

    Then, pull the emergency release cord.

    Next, manually move the door to open and closed positions, and then, attach the emergency release cord immediately.

    Lastly, re-establish the connection between the opener carriage and the trolley.

    Contact an overhead door specialist

    If there are any issues concerning the overhead door, contact a specialist as soon as possible.

    There are garage door repair services available in Stony Plain, Sherwood Park, St. Albert, Glastonbury or Leduc and the wide Edmonton area.

    They offer overhead door repairs, maintenance, and inspections.

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