Storm-Proofing Garage Doors

Storm-Proofing Garage Doors

Storm-Proofing Garage Doors – Canada does not usually get hurricanes on the weather tracker, but when a storm does cross through the country, it leaves behind an incredible amount of damage.

This situation was what the Edmonton folks experienced back in 2012 when Hurricane Sandy disrupted the state of Canada with vicious winds and heavy downpours.

These violent hurricane experiences have encouraged people to strengthen their mindset and reinforce the building planning system all over Canada, such as Leduc, Spruce Grove, and a lot more.

Moreover, many communities have convinced other neighborhood systems to go storm-proof and apply active reinforcement systems on building codes, which would require citizens to invest in sturdy weather-proof overhead doors.

Below are some tips on choosing the perfect overhead door that can withstand not only hurricanes but also other harsh weather changes that happen locally.

Install overhead door bracing kits for more durable support and protection

One excellent investment that homeowners should keep an eye out on would be purchasing and installing a bracing kit.

The sole purpose of owning an overhead door is to have protection from outside forces such as drastic weather changes, and in this case, hurricanes.

Purchasing a hurricane-resistant bracing kit for overhead doors comes with essential tools, such as braces and hardware, which would cost around $500.

Moreover, installing the bracing kit is simple and easy, as it only requires reading the instruction manual included in the package and a little drilling.

Calling a professional or transacting with a local garage door repair services available to have the bracing kit installed is

also a good idea to avail of the more accessible and hassle-free installation process.

Invest in a new wind-proof or weather-resistant overhead door

One of the most manageable steps in this guide would be to canvas and shop for the perfect overhead door to withstand drastic weather changes.

However, with so many options available in the market, it gets overwhelming to choose which weather-proof

overhead door would perform excellently in the garage’s security.

Additionally, responsible homeowners should also know other details, such as the local code in the area

for a much fitting overhead door that can withstand strong winds and temperature changes in the locale.

Most area codes require homeowners to have a suitable overhead door that could withstand the possible strength of winds of up to 130 mph to 150 mph.

Furthermore, strong steel is a common material found in most overhead doors sold in the market;

sometimes, these doors could also be made from fiberglass veneer that could endure debris hitting on the overhead door.

Interested homeowners would be able to notice the difference between a regular overhead door and a weather-resistant one;

this is because of the extra steel track system installed for weather-proof overhead doors to last longer.

Moreover, the price range for a brand new hurricane-proof overhead door starts at $750 to $1,295, depending on the additional accessories and material used for the preferred overhead door.

Ask the overhead door manufacturing company about the insurance discount prices available for hurricane-proof home improvements

When damages come to arise in the household, most people would immediately call a garage repair service in the area to fix the damaged overhead door.

However, the quickest handy fix would be the available warranty that comes with purchasing a new overhead door.

Most homeowners do not realize it, but using the privileges of insurance can be convenient, and it also saves people from spending an extra dollar on repairs and damages.

Depending on the house’s state and condition, the price of insurance discounts on weather damages varies.

Moreover, some insurance companies have offered lower rates on overhead doors that are WindCode-rated, even when the living area does not necessarily require homeowners to pick up an extra measured overhead door, and it gives folks the advantage.

House insurance on these weather-proof overhead doors could cost at a starting price of $3000 to $8000, assuming that there are no hurricane proof tools installed.

In contrast, the price for overhead doors with weather-proof improvements installed beforehand would start at $1500 to $3000 for homeowners to insure.

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