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    Warehouse Garage Door Repairs

    Warehouse owners make full use of its overhead doors, unlike residential homeowners.

    It is indispensable for critical operations in a business.

    Warehouse garage doors also provide shelter and security for valuable goods.

    Keeping proper maintenance and installing genuine quality parts is needed as it is used more often than any standard overhead doors.

    Without any of these two, then sooner or later you will have a malfunctioned overhead door halting your business operation.

    And that is why you need Overhead Door Pros for upkeeping your warehouse garage door.

    With over 15 years of expertise, repairing and providing good quality services for your overhead doors is what they do.

    Overhead Door Pros for your Warehouse Garage Door Repairs

    Investing in a fully-maintained overhead door is worth it when doing business.

    Not only does this help secure your goods that need to be shipped or delivered but is also responsible for protecting your base of operation.

    That is why just having one isn’t going to cut. You need a durable one.

    Nonetheless, it will still come to last like any other things.

    But worry not, for we at Overhead Door Pros provides top-notch warehouse garage door repair and maintenance.

    We also give tips on how to maintain and fix your garage door problems yourself properly.

    But when it comes to replacing and repairing severe warehouse garage door malfunction, leave the job to us.

    Here are lists of things that you need to address when observed on your overhead door:

    Grinding Noise

    If your overhead doors produce unnecessary grinding or rattling noise when operated, then it is likely caused by loose hardware and rusty components.

    Quickly inspect the parts of your overhead door as loose screws may cause your door to jam and fall, leading to accidents.

    Visible Gaps and Cracks

    The misalignment of tracks causes visible gaps in your garage door rollers.

    Also, if you notice unusual gaps on rollers and panels, then it needs a sudden replacement.

    It can affect the operation inside your warehouse if left unaddressed.

    Contact the nearest warehouse garage door repair immediately in your area to fix the issue.

    Corroded Parts

    Nobody likes rusted garage doors and corroded support brackets.

    If it happens to your warehouse garage door, then it will likely affect its functionality and can potentially hinder your production.

    Broken Remote Opener

    If your overhead door has an automated opener, then a remote is necessary for moving the garage door.

    A broken remote opener will force you to open your overhead door manually.

    Always check the battery, if it needs replacing then don’t hesitate to buy a new one.

    Services We Provide

    If you notice the issues discussed above when operating your overhead door, then you might need to contact us Overhead Door Pros to repair or replace the faulty components.

    These are the overhead door repair services we can offer:

    Broken springs: Springs are essential for the smooth operation of your garage door.

    Damaged springs are dangerous both when unaddressed and repaired.

    Springs are under a lot of pressure due to the tension it receives.

    Thus the need for a highly-skilled professional is needed to ensure safety and quality.

    Broken Cables: Similar to springs, cables also affect the movement of your garage door.

    You need to look out for signs such as rust, dust, or any damage by inspecting your lines regularly.

    Broken Rollers: When operating your door, the rollers receive pressure as much as your springs. That is why it is also prone to breakage.

    Lubricate your rollers regularly to prevent this from happening.

    However, if it is damaged, then you need to contact a professional for a replacement.

    Here is a video of a detailed presentation on how to replace a broken garage door roller on your own.

    Broken Panels: Panels provide aesthetic value to your garage door and are responsible for protecting any external elements.

    As it is prone to damages and impacts, you need to replace it if you see signs of wear immediately.

    Misaligned tracks: It’s quite common for tracks to end up misaligned after using your garage door at least twice a day, much more for warehouses.

    If it does end up misaligned, then it needs to be repaired immediately for it will only hinder your operation business.

    When to Call for Help

    If you’re hesitant on calling for a professional’s help, then it is okay as long as you have proper tools and knowledge.

    But there will always be a hurdle when doing complicated garage door repairs.

    There are some cases that when dealing with fixing and replacing parts of your overhead door, a skilful technician is needed—especially when dealing with expensive and bulky components.

    In Edmonton, you can expect the Overhead Door Pros to provide quality services and will be there at your doorsteps 24/7 if you need to. Call (587) 804-2072 now.

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