Why Does Your Garage Door Randomly Open By Itself

Garage Door Randomly Opens

Overhead garage doors have a lot of problems and issues that come with them, some of which are fairly easy to fix and some are a bit too complex to handle.

But as long as you regularly maintain and take good care of your garage doors, this can all be prevented and counter-measured.

One of the most annoying and unsettling problems that may happen to your overhead garage doors is when it opens and closes by themselves

But do not worry as this does not mean that ghosts are taking over your homes, it just means that something or somewhere on your garage doors, a problem is happening.

When your garage door opens and closes by itself, it puts your safety at risk making you and your home vulnerable to a lot of unwanted factors and situations.

But exactly why does your garage door randomly open by itself?

Well, if you are interested to know how you can deal with this problem, you can start with the following places.

Technical issues

Your garage door remote and openers operate and communicate with each other by connecting to the same frequency and code unique to them.

Although rare, there are instances where coincidently your neighbors use the same frequency and code your mechanical system does.

You can confirm this problem by checking around your neighborhood if a garage door opens along when you open your overhead garage door.

In order to address this problem, all you need to do is to reset and reprogram your garage door opener’s existing code with a new one.

After doing this, you should not have any problems with your garage door opening again by itself.

To do this, you can refer to your garage door opener’s user manual to help you out with your situation.

Damaged or faulty wirings

Another possibility as to why your garage doors open by themselves is because of damaged or faulty wirings in your garage door’s control panel.

When there is an exposed or faulty wiring from your garage door opener’s motor unit that is directly connected to your garage door’s control panel, this can cause your overhead garage doors to open by themselves all on their own.

To trigger this, all that needs to happen is have the exposed wire brush against one of the metal track’s surface and the motor on your garage door opener can be activated.

If the exposed wires are small and minor wires, replacing them can be fairly easy to do however, if they are a bit more complex, do not attempt to replace them yourself and instead, ask for assistance from your local garage door repair company.

Defective control buttons

If the wirings of your garage doors seem to look all good, then check the control button on your wall-mounted switch or remote.

It is entirely possible that your garage doors keep opening by themselves because there is something wrong with the buttons.

Check if they are stuck or stick down when you press them.

The main symptom of this problem is a continuous movement for your garage doors — meaning they will keep opening and closing until you have done something about your pressed down button.

See what is wrong with your open button and replace them accordingly if needed.

Problematic circuit board

Lastly, it is entirely possible that there is something wrong with your opener’s circuit board.

When your door opens itself suddenly even if there is nothing on the door’s way or any obstructions on your sensors, then there may be something wrong with the opener’s logic board or your motor’s circuitry.

Dealing with this can be a bit difficult though and is not suggested to be done by someone who does not have prior knowledge of electrical circuitry and wiring.

This is not only to make sure not to make matters worse but as well as to keep you from unwanted risk as it can potentially affect your safety if done incorrectly.


There is no one answer to the question of why does your garage door randomly opens by itself.

To be more accurate, there is no one answer because there are a lot of possibilities for why this is happening so.

When your garage doors suddenly open themselves, it goes against their initial purpose of protecting your home and instead leaves you and your home vulnerable to unwanted entry and others.

A garage door like this is not a garage door worth keeping.

If you find yourself in a situation like this and you have no idea what more you can do to fix this, then make sure to ask for assistance from the closest garage door repair company near you and have your problem fixed right away.

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