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Garage door damages are a common occurrence in the household.

Over the years, there has been no guarantee that an item or an object will hold forever.

Even if it is properly maintained, there will come a time when a garage door will face problems.

Are there any problems with the garage door rollers?

Are hinges squeaky or loose?

Are the sensors faulty?

Don’t worry; it can be fixed!

With Garage Door Pros, solutions to garage door problems are brought to homes.

The company offers repairs in:

  • Garage door rollers
  • Garage door hinges
  • Garage door sensors

To give a glimpse of common damages that need to be repaired when it comes to rollers, hinges, and sensors, here are the most common problems of those garage door parts that Garage Door Pros can quickly fix:

Slow and Old Rollers Replacement

Just like any other objects out there, garage door rollers have a certain lifespan.

They could expire in the blink of an eye due to excessive moments and wearing.

The thing is, every part of a garage door can wear out or rust over time.

Old age contributes mainly to this.

Rollers getting noticeably slower is a sure sign of aging.

Slow and old rollers can be preserved by lubricating from time to time and doing regular maintenance.

However, when it comes to the worst-case scenario, replacements will need to be done every few years for the good of the garage door’s operation.

Replacing old rollers through repairs can easily be done with Garage Door Pro’s services.

The company provides quality replacements for clients.

For slow and old rollers, service fixes can have any garage door running in no time.

What we can do:

  • Roller replacements
  • Expert lubrication
  • And more

Automatic Garage Door Not Closing Repair

Whenever garage doors refuse to close, it is most likely the fault of the sensor.

Automatic garage door openers have a sensor built on them that allows them to identify when something is blocking the door’s way while it is closing.

This feature occurs with another safety precaution, where the sensor is part of the safety feature called the ‘auto-reverse.’

When the sensor senses something on the path, it prevents the door from closing, or when it is in the process of closing, it reverses back up and refuses to go down.

If this happens without a visible object blocking the way, it might be because the sensor is faulty.

There is a likely chance that the photo-eye of the sensor has problems.

The company’s services provide a quick fix for garage door sensor problems.

With the help of garage door technicians, the door can easily close with satisfaction from customers, and have the sensors operate like they used to.

What we can do:

  • Check-ups
  • Maintenance
  • Photo-eye repair
  • Sensor fix or replacement
  • And more

Squeaky Hinges Fix

Perhaps the most common dilemma when it comes to hinges is the squeaky problem.

This fault in the garage door can be easily heard during the door’s operation, but most people misidentify it as a problem with the rollers.

With a service check-up, problems can be easily identified and acted on.

Hinges are a vital part of the door because they hold the pieces together.

They tend to get loose over time and squeak due to rusting and other causal situations.

However, with the company’s services, it is the most comfortable damage to fix.

With the right lubricant and tools, the hinges can run as smoothly as new parts.

On the other hand, hinges can also be easily replaced.

Garage Door Pro can provide replacements and repairs at the same time.

What we can do:

  • Replacement of hinges
  • Maintenance
  • Professional lubrication
  • And more

New problems with these garage door parts arise every day.

When that happens, Garage Door Pros at can help you.

Whether your problem lies with the services mentioned above or not, we are always welcome to lend our services and fix the damages.

Those living in Edmonton, Leduc, Spruce Grove, Stony Plain, Fort Saskatchewan, St Albert, Sherwood Park, and Beaumont can enjoy the outstanding services we offer with convenience and efficiency.

Repairs cannot be done on your own; call the professionals now.

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